Travel Join us 2016 Ethiopia trip


lalibela 2009 323.jpg

ESAC has a travel department that brings Ethiopian culture and history to showcase the world especially for the youth. We are primarily focusing on youth who have lost thier root aswell as adopted children who have lost some of their identity in order to accomodate to their new surroundings. ESAC appreciates the overwhelming interest in learning Amharic and opening their minds to Ethiopia. We will arrange travel accommodations through ESAC and whom ever is interested, please feel free to click on ‘contact us’ to let us know.
Currently we are premiering an African cultural tour in summer 2016 which will take place in Ethiopia and Ghana. Those who are interested, here is the itinerary overview:
A. Travel to Ethiopia only 
     – 9 days, 8 nights
     – Round trip airfare & hotel
        Very affordable deal.
B. Travel to Ghana only
      – 8 days, 7 nights
-RT airfare & Hotel with breakfast tour
If you are interested in traveling with ESAC and Sankofa, please email us at: or you can click on our ‘contact us’ tab.
 See you,

ESAC team

***Stay Tuned as we will be having a Tour Program coming soon!***

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