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Update: Abuser of the Ethiopian domestic worker in Lebanon identified!

A great news for the depressing story: LBC International, a news media organization has identified the man seen in the video footage that we posted earlier, the man who was abusing the Ethiopian girl.

Here is the full report: LBCI identifies the man who abused the Ethiopian domestic worker.

As the news media states, “This Ethiopian girl may be lucky that pictures of her were taken while being abused, but many other domestic workers are being beaten and abused behind closed doors.”

May the voice of all the voiceless foreign domestic workers in the Middle East be heard like this!

An Ethiopian girl kidnapped and dragged into a car by a group of coward Lebanese men!

This is the realty for most foreign domestic workers, either in Lebanon or in the Middle East in general—Lebanon and Kuwait seem the worst of all the places for abuse. The video was recorded recently in broad daylight, and as you can see, no one intervened to help the girl, to stop the kidnapping.

Please help this woman in any way you can! Please pass this information to any media or human rights groups.

This detail is posted on YouTube:

Name of the car owner: Mahmoud Zhairani Phone number: 00961-3 655738 Location: Lebanon Car plate number: 295659 Q Colour: Dark Blue

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