The Ethiopian Social Assistance Committee (ESAC) held its annual March Event in commemoration of International Women’s Day! CEO / Founder / Chairperson Zewditu conducted the event on Zoom which included the Host of the Ceremony, Linda Moto! Mrs. Linda Moto discussed the involvement of ESAC in its goal towards starting School in Ethiopia and their contribution to Debre Tabor Children of Gonder who may disabilities! Although ESAC plans to expand to different areas, they are current piloting this cause and collecting donations (including Wheelchairs, Sports Items, Items for kids with disabilities and etc…)! Mrs. Linda Moto also announced the financial issue of ESAC being able to donate items as each suitcase with items costs $300 to ship! The event also focuses on the update on the issue of Migrant Ethiopian Women Workers within Gulf states who have been abused! ESAC has been working towards creating dialogue with hosting countries (Gulf States) to create awareness for Ethiopian Women / Domestic Worker Abuse!

Guest speaker Mr. Tafa Tulu (who is in charge of Safeguarding Ethiopians in the Diaspora, including the Middle East), discussed the reason why Ethiopians flee to the Middle East! Mr. Tafa Tulu explained how “Dilala” (which in Amharic means dealers/ brokers) would deceive and sell Ethiopians into the false narrative of a better life in exchange for unlawful abuse and unpaid labor/work! Mr. Tulu also explained how many of the migrant Ethiopian workers have families pressure them to go to these Middle Eastern countries (without knowing the consequences)! Due to network issues, Mr. Tafa Tulu did not fully finish his discussion with us but based on this information, our panelists began to express ideas in regards to the topic!

Mr Tulu did send ESAC information reporting data on Migrant Ethiopian Workers (See attachment):

Our guest speaker Dr. Rebecca Mammo conducted a speech on different Ethiopian Women (in appreciation of their leadership and of International Women’s Day)! Dr. Rebecca Mammo highlighted the contribution of Ethiopian Women (including Empress Zewditu, recognized as the first Ethiopian Queen)! Dr. Mammo also created a poem dedicated to Ethiopia recognizing the Battle of Adwa! Dr. Rebecca Mammo presented her poem titled “Listen and Learn”! Dr Mammo’s work highlighted Ethiopian Women and Ethiopian Culture / History! Although Mr. Tulu did not finish his information sharing, the panelists dicussed ideas for adoption of new Labor Practices / Law and a new method to create work for those Domestic Ethiopian Workers! ESAC discussed the possibility of different ideas to solve the issue! ESAC has been focused on the power of resource mobilizing and information gathering / knowledge! Mrs Linda Moto closed ceremony by reminding audience that donations are highly important for ESAC in order to send items for children of Ethiopia and to cover related expenses with ESAC as a non-profit!

~ESAC is looking for volunteers to join, plus monetary and item donations (including sport and learning gear for children with varying disability)! Currently we are looking to send donated items but they are $300+ to ship, so please donate! All monetary donations will be accepted on Zelle account email: ESAC.NYC@GMAIL.COM! Donations and volunteers can email us at: ESAC.NYC@GMAIL.COM (serious inquiries only)!~

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